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You can claim compensation for any type of injury provided it was sustained in the last three years. The injury could have been as a result of you being a driver, passenger, pedestrian, or you may have suffered an accident at work or anywhere outside your home. Making a successful compensation claim depends on a number factors which is where we will help. Contact us for free on 0808 252 0678 to speak to a member of our personal injury team.

Seth Lovis & Co makes this process as simple as possible. Contact us today to speak with one of our expert solicitors for a no obligation initial assessment of your case; we will be able to advise you on the prospects of your claim quickly and efficiently.

We won’t charge you anything, unless you win. We charge a 'success fee' on top of our basic charges. This is because of the risk we take that we do not get paid if you lose. We can recover our basic charges and other expenses from the third party but you pay the success fee which is capped at 25% of your compensation. If we feel that your claim has merit, our expert team will carry out the work on the claim on a no win no fee basis. At the end of the claim, when you are successful, we will send you a cheque for your agreed compensation.

If you win, the third party pays our basic charges and expenses. You pay our success fee which is capped at 25% of your compensation. If you lose your claim, you pay nothing.

Provided your accident occurred within the last three years you are still entitled to make a claim. In special circumstances this 3 year limitation period is longer. Contact us now for free on 0808 252 0678 to start the simple process of making your personal injury claim.

No, we can also help you if the accident happened abroad if, for example, you were on a package holiday and were injured in an apartment or hotel.

Because we work on a no win, no fee basis this means that if the claim is unsuccessful you pay nothing.

Your claim will be handled by one of our expert personal injury solicitors. Contact us today by either calling us to start the process.

This is very unlikely over 90% of cases do not go to court. The insurance company does not want to waste time and money defending a case where the facts clearly determine who is at fault. For this reason the vast majority of cases are settled without the need for court appearances.

We usually deal with a case by telephone and through the post which means we do not need to arrange face-to-face meetings. If we do need to see you, will we travel to you, you will never be expected to travel to us.

You will receive your compensation, less our success fee which is capped at 25% of your compensation. We will send a cheque.

We are here to help so please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions on any element of personal injury compensation.

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