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In 2001, the findings of a survey – conducted by both the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph – suggested that many British tourists have had their holidays ruined by poor hygiene standards in foreign kitchens.

The results revealed 40% of these people had suffered the effects of food poisoning during a break abroad and 15% of Britons had developed "stomach bugs" while holidaying in Europe.

Foreign dishes are often considered an essential part of any holiday. Sampling these exotic or unique meals can not only be enjoyable, but may also help consumers better experience a new culture. However, developing food poisoning can ruin this usually pleasurable activity – and may prevent sufferers from fully enjoying their holiday.

As this research was conducted years ago, it may be reasonable to assume that those in charge of foreign restaurants and establishments have since dramatically improved their company's hygiene practices – and have implemented suitable measures to reasonably eliminate harmful bacteria.

Unfortunately, more than a decade after the Telegraph's research, another study conducted by a hotel auditing firm suggested that many companies are failing to adequately prevent their guests from falling ill.

The research, published in 2013, revealed that mattresses, duvets, and other items in several hotel rooms were not adequately cleaned by staff members. Moreover, it was claimed the bathrooms were the cleanest places in many establishments.

Furthermore, the researchers stated that 20% of women fall ill while staying at a hotel – and attributed this statistic to poor hygiene. Therefore, these findings suggest that many organisations are still failing to follow adequate sanitation procedures.
However, if a tourist suffered food poisoning while visiting a new country, they should seek legal advice from a skilled Seth Lovis & Co holiday claims solicitor.

Claiming food poisoning compensation with Seth Lovis & Co

If you developed food poisoning after going on a package holiday, you may be entitled to receive damages from the tour operator responsible. If you can prove that your illness was caused during an activity or from a hotel meal, Seth Lovis & Co could help you claim food poisoning compensation.

Following a successful case, our experienced team could help claimants obtain funds to recover treatment fees and, if appropriate, reimburse lost earnings. Moreover, the compensation awarded could allow sufferers to afford a new holiday – one which will hopefully be more enjoyable.

To find out if Seth Lovis & Co can help you claim compensation, please call us today on 0370 218 4025 or, alternatively, fill in an online enquiry form.

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