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When someone purchases an excursion which includes at least two elements – such as accommodation, transport, or other tourist services – they usually have rights under The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992.

For example, regulation 4 of this legislation prevents tour operators from supplying misleading information about a package holiday. Therefore, if a person is provided with accommodation which is unsafe or not as described, they could receive a refund from the holiday company responsible.

However, if dangerous hotel conditions resulted in an individual suffering personal injury, he or she should consult a holiday claims solicitor to find out if they are entitled to obtain damages.

Dangerous hotel conditions

When we travel on holiday, we usually expect our accommodations to be comfortable, relaxing, and – above all – safe. Although the vast majority of hotel employees will adequately care for their guests, some premises may contain hazards which could put individuals at risk.

For example, in 2009, the Center for Hospitality Research published data which suggested that many guests in American hotels could be staying in unsafe conditions. After inspecting 5,487 of these premises – and grading them on safety features – it was revealed that only 19% of hotels managed to obtain perfect scores.

In addition, the researchers examined how these hotels fared in terms of security. After searching for features such as electronic locks and in-room safes, they reported that 89% had failed to achieve perfect scores.

When examining hotels for safety failures, the researchers may have been looking for hazards such as slips and trips, fire risks, faulty electrical wires, or structural failings – all of which have the potential to cause serious personal injury.

Although this research involved hotels in the United States, the results would likely be similar if conducted in different countries. However, if you experienced harm while staying in a hotel, you may be entitled to claim compensation – providing the incident was not your fault.

Seth Lovis & Co holiday claims for unsafe hotels

If you were adversely affected by dangerous hotel conditions, you should speak to one of our holiday accident solicitors to find out if you are entitled to receive damages.

Our specialist team have resolved numerous compensation claims from British tourists and could potentially help you as well. To find out if you could benefit from the services of our solicitors, please call us today on 0370 218 4025 or fill in an online enquiry form.

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