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Every year, the majority of British tourists abroad will enjoy their holidays without suffering a single case of personal injury. However, others are not so fortunate.

Photo © William Warby via Flickr under Creative CommonsHoliday injuries sustained abroad can have a range of consequences. As well as having the potential to ruin a holiday, accidents may also require that those affected receive immediate medical treatment or hospitalisation. Inevitably, this situation can lead to those affected incurring significant financial costs.

Fortunately, if the harm you experienced during your holiday is attributable to an act of negligence on someone else's part, you may be entitled to claim compensation through Seth Lovis & Co – a modern and innovative legal firm based in the heart of London.

Our aim is to secure the maximum possible personal injury settlements for those who have sustained injury while abroad. Call 0370 218 4025 for more information.

What the research tells us - holiday accidents are common

In 2013, My VoucherCodes.co.uk – a website specialising in helping consumers find discounts – published research which suggested that holiday injuries are common amongst British tourists.

The researchers interviewed 1,322 of people, all of whom had travelled abroad during the previous 12 months. Of these respondents, 43% reported suffering harm in another country while 21% said they sustained personal injury during a holiday in Britain.

Photo ©Grand Velas Riviera Maya via Flickr under Creative CommonsAlthough these individuals could have suffered injury for a variety of reasons, incidents such as beach and pool injuries, traffic collisions, slips, trips and falls, seem to be especially common amongst tourists.

There are a number of reasons which might explain why people are more prone to accidents abroad than at home. These include reduced inhibitions, potentially leading to recklessness, and, occasionally, increased level of drug and alcohol consumption among holidaymakers.

A spokesperson for My VoucherCodes.co.uk advised people to be careful while on holiday, stating that, "Holiday injuries are unfortunately very common. People tend to let go and sometimes become careless in their actions. You wouldn't want your holidays to be ruined just because you didn't prepare yourself properly".

Although the organisation is correct in stating that holiday injuries are very common, it is clear that not all tourists are responsible for their own accidents. In many cases, another person or institution could be liable for the incident – for example a hotel, tour operator or leisure facility.

Could you make a claim?

If you believe that another party is responsible for you sustaining injury while abroad, Seth Lovis & Co may be able to help you claim holiday accident compensation by using the Package Tour Regulations. Call 0370 218 4025 for further information.

If your claim is successful, this compensation could ensure redress for any treatment fees, lost earnings and rehabilitation costs.

Our team of specialist solicitors have helped numerous individuals make holiday injury claims – and they may be able to benefit you as well.

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