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Although Britain's workplace health and safety record has tremendously improved over the years, industrial accidents still occur all too frequently – causing pain, misery, and sometimes having life-changing repercussions.

Industrial tools can cause deafness and VWFIf you sustained an industrial injury in an incident which was not your fault, you could benefit through the expert solicitors at Seth Lovis & Co. Not only could you receive funds to make your life easier, but this settlement can also refund treatment fees, provide rehabilitation costs, as well as reimburse any lost earnings.

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Which occupation is the most hazardous?

Industrial accidents have the potential to occur in just about any profession. However, some occupations are reportedly more hazardous than others – as data from the Health and Safety Commission (HSC) suggests.

To come to its findings, the HSC looked at how likely individuals were to die each year in certain industries. For example, the organisation believed that mining and quarrying was the most dangerous profession, believing that one in every 9,200 employees will sustain fatal injuries at work.

Furthermore, the HSC stated that industrial accidents will claim the lives of:

  • One in every 17,000 construction workers.
  • One in every 17,200 agricultural labourers.
  • One in every 34,000 individuals working in metal fabrication or manufacturing.
  • One in every 77,000 people employed in the manufacturing industry.

Although this list is not exhaustive, the HSC's data suggests the above occupations are some the most dangerous in Britain – and employers in these professions should work extra hard to prevent staff members from sustaining personal injury in industrial accidents.

Could you benefit through Seth Lovis & Co?

If you were harmed while employed in one of the occupations listed above, Seth Lovis & Co's specialist legal team could help you obtain damages.

Providing the incident was not your fault, our lawyers could help you receive compensation through an industrial injury claim – and ensure that any funds awarded go towards improving your quality of life.

We specialise in all areas of industrial injury litigation. We act for clients who suffer from a wide range of industrial conditions including deafness, vibration white finger and industrial dermatitis amongst others. Further details of some of these diseases:

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