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Individuals often associate the construction and manufacturing professions with industrial injury, possibly believing these occupations are some of the most hazardous in Britain. However, although these industries can indeed be dangerous, death rates in construction or manufacturing reportedly pale in comparison to agriculture.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), on average, a maximum of 50 people sustain fatal personal injuries while working in this industry every year. Consequently, the organisation is urging farmers to "make the promise" – a pledge to come home safe after working in agriculture.

Although the HSE's goals are certainly admirable, the results of a survey, published in Farmers Weekly in 2012, suggest that many individuals in this sector are not taking health and safety seriously.

After polling 378 agricultural employers, the researchers discovered that almost a third of these people did not supply their workers with any health and safety training. Furthermore, it seems more than 50% did not have a written policy for preventing accidents at work.

Although these findings suggest that farmers are failing to adequately follow health and safety legislation, the researchers also received some worrying responses when interviewing labourers. For example, out of the 77 workers polled for the survey, at least 25% stated their employers had never spoken to them about health and safety.

Whilst some elements of farmyard work require personal protective equipment, 40% of the workers said they were not shown how to use – or supplied with – this clothing.

It appears these safety failings have had consequences. According to 40% of the agricultural employers, workplace accidents had occurred on their farms. In addition, more than a third previously knew someone who sustained fatal injuries during an agricultural accident.

These results make very troubling reading. Despite the dangers of this profession, it seems many farmers are still choosing to flout workplace safety law – potentially placing their lives, and the wellbeing of their employees, in danger.

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