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Soldiers and military personnel place themselves in danger in order to guarantee our safety. These people often have a hazardous job to do and, logically, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) should provide them with the best equipment possible to minimise their chances of suffering personal injury.

For example, when undergoing a campaign on foreign soil, the MoD should ensure that any military vehicles are kept in good condition, are suitable for the environment, are reasonably prevented from harming personnel, and are able to adequately fulfil their intended purpose.

If they fail to do so, these machines could break down, malfunction, or may even cause a military vehicle accident – potentially injuring personnel.

However, the MoD published figures in 2009 which suggested it was failing to provide soldiers with adequate vehicles. For example, according to the report, more than half of the army's Mastiff troop-carriers in Afghanistan were described as 'unfit for purpose'. Moreover, although there were 653 Snatch Land Rovers in the country, 295 were not in good working condition.

Keeping vehicles mechanically sound is absolutely essential in order to prevent equipment failures when in use. Otherwise, issues such as brake failure or steering problems could place the lives of personnel in danger. In addition, if a warning light fails to function properly, it may prevent drivers from noticing a greater problem.

However, research published during 2013 suggests that the American military is also failing to keep its machines in adequate condition. According to the Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center, the cooling systems in approximately 25% of United States army vehicles had "contaminated refrigerants".

Although these substances were more prevalent in certain vehicles than in others, one (methyl chloride) has the potential to become flammable when exposed to aluminium – potentially placing soldiers at risk of suffering burns or other serious injury.

The military should make sure that its vehicles are in good condition. Otherwise drivers and personnel could be exposed to unnecessary dangers while completing their jobs. However, if you suffered personal injury while working in the armed forces, a military accident solicitor could help you claim compensation.

Claiming for a military vehicle accident with Seth Lovis & Co

Similar to all employers in the UK, the Ministry of Defence should implement appropriate measures in order to reasonably prevent soldiers and personnel from suffering injury at work.

When they fail to do so, the effects can be devastating. However, although our team recognises that no amount of money can ever make things truly right, they will strive to help sufferers obtain maximum compensation and, if necessary, secure funds to cover the costs of treatment or rehabilitation.

To find out if our specialist solicitors could help you receive damages, please call us today on 0370 218 4025 or complete an online enquiry form.

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