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A building site accident can have a number of negative repercussions. Although these can be relatively minor – such as a cut or scratch – others can have serious or even fatal consequences.

However, the effects of an accident on a construction site can usually be mitigated by wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). For example, although a falling object could potentially result in a head injury or brain damage, a suitable safety helmet may prevent employees from suffering harm.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, an employer should only utilise PPE to protect staff members, when all other safety measures fail to reasonably prevent them from sustaining personal injury.

However, if an employer fails to provide suitable PPE, and their negligence results in a staff member experiencing harm, those adversely affected may be entitled to claim compensation through Seth Lovis & Co.

Unfortunately, the findings of a survey – published in 2012 – suggest that many employers are not only failing to provide suitable PPE, but they are also trying to make staff members pay for this potentially life-saving equipment.

After polling numerous individuals who required PPE as part of their jobs, the researchers – working for the Trades Union Congress (TUC) – discovered that at least 10% of these people were employed by someone who failed to provide or pay for this equipment.

Furthermore, more than 20% of the respondents stated they had to part with their own money in order to replace or obtain PPE. Even when they had received appropriate protective clothing, it appears the majority of employees were responsible for cleaning this equipment themselves – sometimes having to pay money in order to do so.

Employers are prohibited from charging money for safety equipment. Moreover, they must ensure that any PPE is in good condition and in adequate working order. Following the survey's findings, a spokesperson for the TUC described the results as an "absolute scandal".

He added, "Safety equipment is needed to ensure that workers are protected from injury or disease, yet there appears to be very little enforcement of the law. As a result many workers – often those in low-paid service jobs like catering and cleaning – are having to fork out from their own pocket, or go without. This must stop."

Claiming compensation with Seth Lovis & Co

If your employer should have provided personal protective equipment, but failed to do so, you may be entitled to claim accident at work compensation if you were adversely affected as a result.

At Seth Lovis & Co, our team of specialist personal injury solicitors have helped numerous employees receive damages after sustaining harm in non-fault accidents. Moreover, any funds awarded could provide treatment fees, reimburse lost earnings, or fund the costs of rehabilitation.

To find out if you could claim compensation, please call us today on 0370 218 4025 or complete an online enquiry form.

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